The machine starts then stops and switches off…

The panel has all the lights working, I switch it on it works for a few mins the switches off all together.

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@georgeg66301 Can you open the dryer up and upload a picture of the control board?


Here's a thought. If the laundry knocks the door slightly ajar, it might be enough for the door switch to sense this and stop the dryer. Depending the on switch, this can happen even when the door opens only a millimeter or two. A simple test would be to hold the door closed manually and see if the dryer runs any longer. Other than that, it could be any number of sensors that detect something not quite right - electronics can be tricky to troubleshoot if you don't know what the computer is looking for. Finding that fault likely will take a technician. Good luck.


@georgeg66301 let's first verify that your dryer is a Miele Softtronic T 8403 C.


T8422C is the actual model number but that wasn’t on the list when I first posted.


@andrewsawesome it won’t let me upload photos.


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