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The Xiaomi Redmi 9 is a low-budget smartphone by Xiaomi released June 2020. It has a 6.53" IPS LCD display, a 13 MP main camera, a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, a 5020 mAh battery, and runs on a Mediatek Helio G80.

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Am I being scammed?

So i recently dropped my xiaomi redmi 9T (i am aware this is a different phone but it wasn't one of the options). The screen broke: some cracks and part was black. Someone videocalled me and i was able to pick up and call them for almost an hour. When i tried to open apps the phone would automatically either press tabs or home, making it impossible to use my phone. i assumed this happened because of the cracks. I brought my phone to the store, they ordered 3 new screens, none of which worked. The guy in the shop told me the problem is probably the motherboard, but that seems very weird to me cos i could still call someone and open my phone. Is it possible that the problem is really my phone or maybe they damaged it after i handed it over?

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It's possible that damage to the motherboard was limited only to functions related to your screen. Depending on the level of damage, it's possible that something was holding on by a thread and the sheer act of opening the phone was the thing that made it not function.

However. It's also very possible that this fact is related to the work they did, especially since it sounds like it was working aside from the screen damage. I'm probably going to do some extra research about this phone specifically, but board level damage is not uncommon, even from reputable and certified techs. I have done things my own self and never had any idea until I looked into things further.

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Thank you

It just confuses me that apparently it's not just screen yet i could use the original screen aside from the blacked out part


@helenahippe Yes. That would also be my concern. I haven't been able to find anything much in places I usually check bout the boards on these specifically. It's definitely not out of the realm of possibility that it was damaged while they worked on it.


I'm sorry if i overstep here, but how would you go about addressing this in the store?


@helenahippe you probably wouldn't get far. Your word against theirs. As said before it could of sustained board damage with the original impact and when opened a part on the board has failed.


@helenahippe Did they put the original screen on again, and it partially works again? That would likely be the only irrefutable way to prove if nothing was damaged during their repair.

A reputable shop will own up to their mistakes and make it right for their client (I have a few stories posted on my facebook page about my own mistakes). But with a damaged device there is always risk that servicing that device will make it worse. Sometimes that's the shop's fault, but other times it's not.

For one example of "not my fault", I had a client bring in a phone that was faulty but functioning (similar to yours) after water damage. When opening the phone up, the corrosion on the press connector that connected the power button was so bad that the entire connector just came off the motherboard. Can't turn the phone on. Will never work again without repairs beyond my ability to do.

Could be a similar "not my fault" with your phone, but they should communicate clearly with you exactly what happened (if they know).


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