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La manette sans fil Xbox One 7MN-0001, fabriquée par Microsoft, est généralement utilisée avec la console Xbox One, mais elle peut également être utilisée avec un PC.

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Why can’t I connect this dang thing with charging cable for iPhone XR

Is there a cable for my iPhone XR that I can possibly get or maybe already have which can plug this Xbox 2.4ghz model 1537 in, so I can possibly play it on cod mobile.. this is frustrating, got a straight answer from no one so far.. please answer with honest feedback thank you. & love you all, fellow brothers and sisters of the, IFixit, community.

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There are several ways this could be done. The most straight-forward is to buy a cable that's already made with a lightning plug on one end and a micro USB plug on the other like this one.

OTG Micro USB Cable For DJI MAVIC PRO AIR Spark RC Controller to IOS iPhone/iPad

Or you can use a standard lightning to USB-A cable combined with a USB-A to USB micro adapter.
Micro USB B Male to USB A Female OTG Adapter Converter Cable For Android Samsung

Finally, a standard USB micro to USB-A cable along with a USB-A to lightning adapter.

3Ft Micro USB Charging Cable Data Sync Charger Cord for Android Samsung LG

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Xbox controllers use Micro USB, iPhones use lightning. Thus, It not fitting.

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I know this good Sirzy, but there’s adapters you know? Like my iPhone XR came with a charging plug which is iPhone lightning to micro USB type C plug in end, and has a micro USB type C wall plug so nothing but a type c to type

C, or, my lightning to type C can be used so I’m thinking if I get an adapter for the type c end to be able to plug into the type A plug in the remote I might thus be able to connect to my iPhone properly but.. this is why I asked the question to see if anyone knew if that would work or not


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