Getting dust out of the display tubes.

So the glue holding the silicone sleeve onto both the tubes has long since disintegrated, and at some point I tried to blow the dust off the inside of the headset, and some of it made its way into both the tubes. I don't want to pay 150$ to remove dust, so has anyone had success removing dust from the display tubes (on the LCD or the under side of the lens)? I was thinking about using more air to push the dust out, but I don't want to add more dust. Ive also already tried removing the LDC from the tube to clean it manually, and I only got as far as to take the plastic trim off, before I accidentally starting peeling the LCD layers apart trying to remove it, so I don't think removing the LCD is an option. (Both LCDs are fine, and I'm sure that its dust, some of it isn't in focus, and I doubt random dead pixels occurred from air.)

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