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La version 2016 de la série d'ordinateurs portables Apple destinés aux professionnels. Dispose d'un écran Retina de 15 pouces, d'une résolution de 2880 sur 1800 pouces, processeur quad-core Intel Core i7, 256 Go / 512 Go /1 To / 2 To en options de stockage, RAM de 16 Go et un clavier équipé deTouch Bar. Sorti en novembre 2016. Numéro de modèle A1707.

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Why is my webcam not being detected in MacOS?

For the past few months, my webcam has not been working and about two months ago I took it to Apple with several issues, only quoted for the webcam and that was over $500 and I wouldn't like to pay for that for it as I could also buy another MacBook with that money so is there any way I could somehow get it to be detected and usable again? There is no physical damage to the front or back of the lid that I can see. Is it a repair I would be able to do myself? Any help is very much appreciated!

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The webcam failure is likely due to a hardware failure in the display assembly. If that's the case, then to repair it you may need to replace the display assembly. As far as I know, there isn't an easier way to get the camera to be functional. Good luck!

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