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Le smartphone troisième génération de la marque Pixel par Google et leur tout premier téléphone "à encoche". Équipé d'un écran OLED QHD+ de 6,3 pouces et d'un stockage de 64 ou 128 Go. Disponible en Résolument Blanc, Simplement Noir ou Subtilement Rose.

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Why is my phone not turning on after charging it.

I plugged my phone to get it charged after work and only to find out that instead of it to charge the phone is no more working.

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Hi Ender,

I'm not sure I have an actual solution for you, but my niece ran into pretty much the exact same issue on her Pixel 4 XL. One day no power, no boot, no charging, nothing.

She brought it to me to take a look at because I'm the guy in the family who fixes everything. I went through every kind of software option I could think of and find on the internet with no luck whatsoever. Verified charger and cord worked fine with my 6 Pro and the charging port appeared undamaged.

So I resigned myself to opening it up and seeing what I could see. First thing I did was to unplug the battery to make sure I didn't short anything and make things worse, then I poked around inside for about a half hour, ultimately concluding that I wasn't able to find the problem.

Now imagine my surprise when I plugged the battery back in, folded the screen back onto the chassis, hit the power button and watched as it booted like nothing was ever wrong with it.

I proceeded to test every function I could, verifying that it all worked and made sure to power it off, reset it, reboot it, etc., and it worked correctly each and every time. I finally reinstalled the screen adhesive, glued the display back on and gave it back to my niece.

Ultimately I found absolutely nothing wrong with the phone. The only thing I did was to physically unplug the battery for about a half an hour then plug it back in. My conclusion was that somehow the phone got itself hung in a state where no reset or combination of button press would get it to restart and only by completely removing power from the motherboard was it able to reboot.

Given that experience, the only suggestion I have for you would be to either open the phone up and disconnect the battery, or else just let the phone sit until the battery eventually dies, at which point it should come back to life if you're seeing the same problem my niece did. The downside here is that these Pixels, especially the XL, have pretty good size batteries that may last a very long time if they're not turned on. So it could literally be weeks before the battery dies enough to clear out whatever is hung inside the phone.

Of course you'll want to try all the things I did as well; do a hard reset, see if it will connect to a computer, try different chargers and cords, etc., before you open it up.

I'll be following along your question, so be sure and let us know what happens with your phone.

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Have you managed to revive your phone? I have the same problem with mine...


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