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The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 is the second generation of a smart camera that can upload your photos an instant after taking them. The Camera, EK-GC200ZWAXAR, uses Android JellyBean 4.3.

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Do you repair these cameras?

Do you repair shutter and zoom buttons for people?

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@genellcummings as my esteemed colleague @dadibrokeit already mentioned, iFixit does not "do" repairs. But you can be empowered. Luck has it, there is even a guide for this already made for you Remplacement du bouton d'alimentation et du bouton de zoom de l'appareil photo Samsung Galaxy 2.

Now do an online search for the assembly and see if you can find one. Even a used one from a otherwise broken camera should work. I don't think anybody could do a less expensive and more precise job in replacing this, then you as the owner. You got this!

Repair is War on Entropy!

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Hi Genell,

iFixit is a site whose purpose is to empower everyone to be able to do their own repairs, and as such they do not offer any repair services. You may well be able to get advice and guidance on how to do that repair yourself, but I'm afraid you won't find a repair service to do it for you here.

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