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Nintendo Game Boy Advance, released in 2001. Repair requires only common tools and no heat.

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GBA not turning on when adding IPS screen mod

GBA not turning on. I've modded more than 10 GBAs and many other consoles, never had an issue. System worked when it was the stock screen. Here are the images.

Sound is faint when it turns on, but screen is black. Let the vendor know and they sent another screen, same issue. Not sure if there's something wrong with the boards or adapters.

Is anyone able to spot the issues?

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Hello! Very stupid question incoming, have you tried a fresh pair of batteries? Sometimes near-dead ones can have funky behaviour like that-- @peji911

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Not a stupid question at all. Actually had that issue with a previous mod (GBC).


@peji911 Any luck with it?


Nothing. Can’t figure out what is damaged.

The first screen, the logo came on. However, on this replacement, nothing comes on the screen but I hear the sound.


@peji911 Weird, might be worth trying to clean out the connector with some isopropyl alcohol, wouldn't surprise me if its somehow gunked itself up over time-


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