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Dammaged optical drive fan during repair

While repairing my power supply, I had to unplug the optical drive fan from the logic board and even though I was doing it carefully, I unfortunatly ripped off the black plastic shell that holds the four tiny wires together (Sorry for bad spelling, french is my first language!).

I managed to plug back every wire without the plastic shell with a pair of tweezers. Power supply changed: repair is done but unfortunatly, my imac won't turn on. NOTHING happens.

Could the damaged optical drive fan be the reason?

Thanks in advance,


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I seriously doubt the fan has anything to do with this. Try resetting the power (SMC reset). Unplug the power cord, press and hold the power button for five seconds. Plug it back in and try starting. Look at the diagnostic lights on the logic board and let us know what comes on.

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