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The larger, fourth-generation ES (designated MCV30) debuted in July 2001 for the 2002 model year.

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Changed my oxygen sensors and still get a code on my scanner.

Oxygen sensors keep getting codes after changing.

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Very well could be an issue with the catalytic converter assuming the new O2 sensors are not faulty from the manufacturer (which happens way more than you might expect) so I'd double check the new O2 sensors and if it's not them the the converter is probably next up.


Which O2 sensors? The precatalytic sensor, upstream from the catcon, on the exhaust manifold, monitors exhaust emissions for the closed loop mode of emissions control as the engine runs. The post cat sensor monitors catalytic converter efficiency. Post the error codes otherwise guessing won't help you.


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In addition to the above answers, it's also possible that your O2 sensors are defective, particularly if they were budget aftermarket ones.

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