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Le OnePlus Nord est un téléphone milieu de gamme lancé en 2020. Il dispose d'un 6,44" 90 Hz Fluid AMOLED, fonctionne avec un Snapdragon 765G avec 8/12 Go de RAM, 128/256 Go de stockage et fournit quatre caméras arrières et deux caméras frontales.

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Screen not turning on suddenly after it popped out. Potential Causes?

Hey there,

I putting a new tempered glass cover on my phone, when the screen popped out. The screen was still working, however. No problem, I will need to just glue it on after. Then, after putting on a new tempered glass the screen wasn't turning on any more! Does anyone know what could cause this? The phone still seems to be working, when I hold the power buttons it vibrates a bit, but the screen is completely black.

I removed the back panel, and it seems like the rear connection is fine. Does anyone have any ideas about what could be broken? I would rather not get a new screen, as I may as well get a new phone. I am honestly more annoyed than anything that I seem to have broken my phone, and I would like to know what it could have been. Did I accidentally pull too hard on anything? Thank you!

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@sebastian58729 the popping out, pushing it in etc. could have damaged the flex cable. Of course, make sure that it is still properly plugged in but ultimately it sounds like you need a new display. OnePlus Nord Screen Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

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