New screen doesnt work after replacement on 11 Pro

Please help, I replaced my broken Iphone 11 pro screen today. Before I took off the old screen that worked despite the digitizer and lcd being broken. I replaced new screen - everything in the correct way.

But the new screen won't show anything. Phone is on, i can hear beep when i connect charger. I tried hard reset, reconnect battery, nothings work. When i connect back old broken screen it works.

I first though, new displey is not working, so i bought other new screen. Everything same. Then we checked new screen on other iphone and it defintelly works.

I found same issue on this forum with 6S. There was special procedure to resolve it with removing battery and holding power button down for 20 seconds, but this solution doesnt work on 11 pro.

Please, is there someone who know how to resolve this problem?

Many Thanks!

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what type of screen did you buy and where did you purchase it from?



First replacement screen was GX Hard oled from Ali,

Second was FixPremium Soft oled.

With both there was same issue.


@tomaseperjesi and you disconnected the battery connector before you disconnected the screen?


it is possible, i didnt disconnected when i replace it second time.


@hootonberg any idea how to solve it please?


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