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Tutoriels de réparation et informations de maintenance pour les respirateurs artificiels Hamilton G5. Le G5 a été conçu pour les patients en réanimation, présentant des complications et dans un état critique, quand la protection des poumons est la plus critique.

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Damage to Power Board upon Battery Replacement in G5 ventilators.

We have had numerous Power Board failures upon replacing batteries in our Hamilton G5 ventilators. Each time costing us well over 2K to purchase new replacement boards. I am told through the grapevine that GE was aware of this and that it does not happen after a certain revision or serial number level. Does anyone know what can be done to correct or prevent the issue on the older boards? GE has not accepted blame for whatever causes it or informed us of what is different with the newer boards to prevent the issue. One of their field techs told us it is a 50-50 gamble of whether it happens or not so they always carry a new board along when they are changing out batteries.

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@timothysmi51871 if there is a fix, do you still want to use those for direct patient care? The BioMed world and healthcare are a not-so-nice industry....


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@timothysmi51871 do you have a biomed person that has taken a look at the failed boards? It would be of great help to even just know what component does fail. It sounds like an EEPROM issue because it happens when you change the batteries. Let us know how the failure manifest itself and if your vent still goes through it's POST etc.

Manufacturers taken responsibility for this? Ha, you and I know that is not going to happen. Not in the medical device industry. If you have a board that has failed, post some good pictures of it (both sides)with your Question. Ajout d'images à une question existante

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