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The Hover-1 Liberty is a self balancing e-scooter or hoverboard. It has a max speed of 7.4 mph, a max weight capacity of 160lbs, and it can travel 3 miles on a full charge. It also comes with LED wheels and Bluetooth capabilities. Model: HY-LBTY.

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Hoverboard not turning on

Have green lights on charger till I plug into hoverboard and lights go out can anyone help me 🙏

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Could be the battery. If you don’t charge it very often then the battery can lose charge and if it drops below 30 volts the bms won’t accept a charge. Will probably need a new battery. Open it up and check the battery voltage with a multimeter.

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Battery capacity is 25.2v, tested capacity is 24.7


You need a new battery as it's gone below voltage I'm afraid.


Thanks for that, will look for new battery 🤔👍


Do you know best place to get one from???


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