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The Dell OptiPlex 360 is a cost effective desktop solution built with practical features focused on providing essential business value.

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Motherboard is not working

Motherboard is not working properly

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What part of the motherboard is not working? Can you give more details of the issue?


@kumailkazmi you really need to give us lots more information if you expect some help with this. At minimum we need to know why you think that your motherboard is not working properly. What make and model motherboard? What does or does it not do? What have you checked and what have you tried to fix this?


The fan did not spin

=== Update (09/17/23) ===

The fan did not spin


@amiribnmohammed if you need help with this you want to give us all the information. The fan did not spin is just to vague. What does your computer do? It overheats? Did it overheat because the fan didn't spin? Did you replace the fan? What did you check?

The only logical answer based on your question would be : Replace the fan.


Yes my mother board is not working

=== Update (10/01/23) ===

Yes mother board not working


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might be a power issue with the powerbutton on the case, if so. short the pins using a screwdriver or somethign else

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