Has anyone opened a case for a Focusrite iTrack Dock?

I have removed the washers and knobs. I have never worked on an item like this. How do you open "clamshell" cases on electronics. And what is this type of case called? I can post a picture if needed.

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Testing the comment area again. I posted a link to the picture. I need to LEARN the interface so I can SELECT photos of the ITEM. Pictures TELL people what they are looking at quickly. I understand uploads of penis pictures is bad, but we need to allow/audit photos of your gear, and that probably happens when you are a full/long time member of the site. 🥰


@michaelsoltesz Our spam filter can be a bit overzealous at times about external links.I fixed it :)

Unfortunately I have not opened any of these myself. But definitely post some pictures. You should be able to add them in as an edit to your original post so we can see all the angles! We might be able to get an idea just by looking at it.


Thank you! Neat site. 🥰


Focusrite. Company. Not the same product, but similar produce lines.


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