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keyboard is not working suddenly

i had a exam over 10-11 days i did not use my laptop for 10 days, when i open tommorow, i start chrome something i want to search suppose i tap on s it open shortcut key and whenever i played game keyboard was not responding, even i connet external keyboard it also not woking, please help me by such type of problem

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@mukeshkhare one thing you can try, is to remove the AC power adapter, disconnect the battery and then hold the power button down for about 30sec-1min. Then reconnect and see if that reset your computer. Next you need to find out if any keys working or are if none are working. Open your BIOS to check the settings for your keyboard. Let us know what OS you are using. Try your OS safe mode? I would also try to see if it works when you boot from a USB drive into some other OS, like a bootable version of Puppy Linux or Kali Linux. See if that recognizes your keyboard. It could be hardware driveen, like a bad IC on the motherboard, but you need to rule out any issues with the software.

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