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The LG 5G UH850V is a 55" Smart Television designed and manufactured by the LG electronics manufacturer.

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Small spot on right corner bottom after replacing back light

Hi. Just got the backlight changed by a technican, There is a small white spot on right side bottom what can be the reason. The technician says it can happen and its common. I dont buy this. Was the backlight strip he changed shorter in length ? can this be the reason. The tv backlight had 63 bulbs and the one he replaced has 60 bulbs. Pls help

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@manindersin2863 that looks like backlight bleed. Commonly caused by a diffuser sheet being slightly misaligned or bend. This would require another disassembly and checking the different sheets. It is not related to the length of the replacement strips but a misalignment of the strips with the diffuser sheets.

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