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LG PF1000U not working, any help is welcome


I have a LG short throw beamer (type PF1000U) and suddenly it stopped working.

Any bright ideas to help with this problem. Ventilators are clean, checked power cable, etc...

thanks for your answers in advance.


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@robinheymans "suddenly it stopped working." is not a whole lot to go by :-) what does or does it not,do? Any sign of life?


@robinheymans Do you have a multimeter?


Thanks already for the replies. No sign of life at all. I do have a basic multimeter.

Don't think it is the lens because 30000 hours is not reached at all. So maybe the power cable or something inside is the problem?


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service manual is available here

Not sure it will help you.

There is a chart on pg 18. About as far as you will probably get is to eliminate the adapter as the problem. Hopefully, that is what it is, because it would be easy.

If not, you would have to follow the schematic to locate a bad part. The chart only goes to assemblies, which would be a pricy repair.

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Thank you very much! This is helpful.

I am afraid it's a bad part...


What part I’m having trouble too. It just stopped turning on all together


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