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Dead screen after water damage?

Hey guys,

Long time ago, my old Iphone 11 Pro had water damage from staying on a little puddle for like 30 minutes. After that, my screen became less bright, with purple stain that where coming more and more on the screen. After some minute, screen was dead, don't turn on at all.

The phone itself (expect the screen) works perfectly (Plugged on my Mac, could see the screen and interact with the touchscreen).

The question is : Do you think it's the screen that is dead, or something else on the motherboard ? I don't want to buy a new screen if it's something else that is dead.

(I don't have anything else that I can test to know that, maybe your knowledge will help !)

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Hello there,

Yes, totally. You need to be okay after replacing the screen with new one.

Liquid is not good friend to the displays. The backlight has been damaged and this is why the brightness is dead and after that getting to get marks, stains, white, purple colors etc...

If you are scared that there is water on the logic board you can always clean it isopropyl alcohol high % before turning it on with the new screen.

About the screen you can get good quality OEM and you can go to some service to clone the info from the original display to the replacement one to can keep the True Tone and unknown part message free. There is a tools which are doing this job which are kinda expensive and this is why you can try in some service.

Wish u a luck!

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Thanks a lot for your answer :)

Now the most difficult will be to find someone with this tool to clone info to the new screen, but I'll definitely buy a new screen !


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