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What is the difference between these two types of batteries?

Good evening.

To buy some spare parts I use an Italian site called "e-pol" (it is very used in Italy and it is reliable). I should buy a battery for a samsung galaxy a70 and it gives me these two results. I notice that the manufacturer codes and prices are different. Can you tell me what is the difference between these two types of batteries? Are they both original?

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I believe that the upper option (GH82) Is an original battery, And the bottom (EB-BA) is an aftermarket copy.

From what I can find, on other sites GH82 is always marketed as Original, Whereas EB-BA is mostly marketed as aftermarket.

But you should contact the sites customer service for a definitive answer.

And please remember to post the answer here for others to find.

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They replied to my email:

"just a mistake in the catalog, it is correct the one from 32.00€ ( the other one in fact is not available)

thank you."

I went to a lot of unnecessary trouble bro. xD

thank you anyway.


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