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Tout sur la réparation casque Valve Index. Il s'agit d'un casque VR commercialisé le 28 juin 2019.

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Making a noise/not turning on. Should I replace?

I have had my index for over 3 years I bought it brand new pre owned during covid and well I had recently like 3 days ago replaced the cord on it. So I don't think it's the cord I used it fine the previous night. Last night I tried to use it and It would not turn on. And was making this weird noise. I think it's my headset not the new cord... I decided to go for a refurbished headset cause I can't afford a brand new one but I need my headset because I make 3d models for vr. But was wondering if people also thought it was the headset itself that died and not a issue with the cord..

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