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The Motorola Razr V3, also known as the Motorazr V3, was the first Razr released into the market in the third quarter of 2004.

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How to get photos off of verizon RAZR?

I've got my mom's ~2006 verizon razr here but can't figure out how to get our old photos off this thing. All the software that my research says to use to interface with the phone (PhoneTools, MDM, drivers) seems to be massively outdated and not compatible with my current computers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Bluetooth has always worked for me in the past, although it's quite slow. I'm not sure if this is possible on verizon models though, as the one I used was a UK model. Older carrier branded phones tended to have locked down features for little to no reason! @brian78163

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