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Repair and disassembly information for HP Pavilion 15 Laptop PCs, specifically 15-eh models. The HP 15-eh is a laptop series designed for on-the-go productivity, featuring 15.6-inch displays, AMD processors, DDR4 memory, and solid-state storage. Identified by model numbers starting with 15-eh.

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How do I remove keys?

Some of my keys are tilting around, how do I reposition them?

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@rat45782 If the keys are loose, most likely the clips beneath them are broken.

If they're loose enough, you can flip them up and take a look underneath to see if the clips are broken.

If they require pressure to detach, don't pry them up because they can break off completely.

If they're just loose, you can try to reattach them following this video. Be careful because these keys are not meant to be removed and reattached, so they can be easily broken if they are not already.

If the clips are broken, the cheapest way to fix them would be to replace the keyboard altogether.

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