iPod nano 7th gen digitizer connected broke off in board Connect to

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Hello, I want to ask a 2 part question. If anyone can help, I got an iPod nano 7th gen from eBay, and I thought It needed a new battery but it did power on but none the tuch would not work the sleep wake would not work as well as the volume up or down. So my question is can the ribbon cable that is in the red be removed and repalce if yes how. Now for the 2nd part the one in yellow the back cable brokeoff the top part of the tab and I am unable to remove it from the Connect to on the board as it's stuck in there is there any way to remove it. The the yellow has So much water on it that it looked corroded. Thay when I wend to pull it up it just Ripped off with it out the Connect to bean removed.

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