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Le 3a fait partie des téléphones Pixel troisième génération de Google. Cette version budget est équipée de la même caméra que les modèles phare de Google. Disponible en Résolument Blanc, Simplement Noir ou Violet. Mis sur le marché en mai 2019.

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Phone screen completely blank, phone itself works

I dropped my Pixel 3a a couple weeks ago and broke the screen (physically fine, but showed white static for ages; then displayed properly, but touch wouldn't work).

I attempted a self-repair and completely exploded the old screen because I am dumb, but I got the new screen connected and it worked perfectly - turned on, displayed crisply, touch worked, yay.

But when I came back to it the next day, the screen was completely unreponsive, and still is. The phone seems to work normally - chimes when I plug it in for charging, makes notification noises, is detected when I plug it into my PC - but the screen just doesn't work, even though it worked fine when I attached it, and I didn't move the phone at all between the time it worked and the time it stopped.

I've tried shining a bright light on the screen to see if it's a backlight issue, but I can't see anything displaying even then. I've also detached and re-attached the screen, and restarted the phone multiple times; again, no dice.

I can only presume I've broken the replacement screen somehow, though I'm sure I was super-delicate in handling it. Does anyone know anything else I could try, short of buying a second replacement screen and trying again? Cheers for any help.

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You need to replace your phone’s screen again.

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