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Repair information for GE dryers.

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Drum is not turning

Why doesn't the drum turn

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Mario, we can't give you specific information without knowing the model number of your dryer; GE has manufactured and contracted hundreds of different dryers over the years and there are a lot of differences in them.

In general, the first thing to check is probably the belt. That's the most likely point of failure for a dryer, but far from the only one. The motor start capacitor could have failed, or the motor itself could have died.

Give us more detail; what does it do when you press the start button? Is there any humming noise present? Does the motor sound like it's running?

I would suggest physically checking the belt, but without the model number I have no way of telling you how to get to the belt in the first place so unless you can come back and provide the model you'll have to figure it out for yourself.

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