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An Android smartphone made by vivo.

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Why my phone restart automatically

My phone switch off and on itself

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Blank screen doesn't start


@jag72387 not enough information to help you with that. Be more descriptive.


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@nitingarg95976 you didn't tell us what you have checked and what you have tried. A bad battery can cause frequent reboots. Start by replacing your battery. Use something like this video to do that.

Of course this assumes that you did the usual software/firmware solutions, like a hard reset (save all your files because they will get deleted), starting in safe mode, updating your firmware, clearing your cache and making sure there are no rogue apps running it the background.

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If your phone restart automatically and frequently there is battery issue. The battery of Vivo s1 and s1 pro is repairable. Just remove the fuse and jump it with soldering. It wil help 1000%

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@rishisaini your answer needs a bit more of an explanation. Why would you remove a fuse (Which fuse?) and apply a jumper to replace the battery?


The whole process is explained in this video


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