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3rd Generation high performance tablet computer released by Apple in October 2018. Models A1876, A2014, and A1895.

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Board Level issue I think...iPad won't recognize battery level

After screen replacement and battery replacement (both ifixit parts), iPad won't indicate battery level; but does turn on when plugged in. I tried to put in old battery, same issue. I replaced usb socket, same issue. wiped iPad, reset, etc. sill same issue so not software issue. I'm assuming I damaged board level when trying to stick the card in the battery connection to keep it disconnected before screen removal. I can do some board level work and have all the tools but not very experienced with it and my eyes are not very good enough to see under microscope; but I do have one. Anybody know about this fix or want take it on if I send you an pay you to fix it? Know someone who can?

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Definitely sounds like you could be right. The battery connectors on these are irritating to work with. Pictures can probably confirm, and you may even be able to bend damaged pins back, but it's not a long term guarantee.

As for board level work, depends on where you're located. Even though I do this sort of thing, I am always more liable to direct you to someone local to you.

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Alisha. Thank you. I’m in philadelphia. The board/battery connection doesn’t seem have pins; so there was nothing there to inspect. That’s why I’m scratching my head about this as to what went wrong.


@breadman44697 The battery connectors on iPads are tricky. The pins are on the underside of the connector. This series of pictures in the battery replacement guide tells a better story of exactly what's going on here.

I don't know anyone in the Philadelphia area specifically, but there will definitely be someone who can do a solid job. iPad battery connector replacements are pretty common for this exact reason. I'm in Upstate New York, so a but out of your way.


Thank you. I sent it to Jenna at iPad Rehab.


@breadman44697 Brilliant. They'll take care of it I'm sure.


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