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The Sega Game Gear portable gaming device was released in 1991 in competition with the Nintendo Game Boy.

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Sega Game Gear not working correctly

I bought this faulty Sega Game Gear. Original problem was that it turned on and off. I replaced all the capacitors and it was working fine except the screen. It had tons of horizontal white lines but you could see the game in darker lines. I started to mess with the screen controller chip thingy and the red light started blinking. After few minutes of messing the screen went black but not instantly. It went out line by line like if the chip was slowly cooling and restoring lines. But there was no more game on the screen. But you can hear the music.

If i heat the controller chip thingy white lines appear but if i let go of the heat they slowly disappear and you can see the game in fading lines.

But now there is another problem if I try to turn it on it shuts itself off instantly or it runs for few seconds and the turns off like there is a short. And also the red light is still flashing like the battery is low.

Is my screen dead? Did i mess capacitors while i was moving around? Short? If i press down on brightness wheel the screen becomes bluer and you can adjust brightness but only for few seconds then the screen turns back to "normal".

I will attach a video if that helps. You can see in the video that the display is trying to show something.

I can't sleep beacuse of this.

Anything will help.

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@zanrudolf you are not telling us how you headed up the "controller chip thingy" or even why you did that. What your video shows looks like a bad LCD and not a bad controller IC.

by doing this"If i press down on brightness wheel the screen becomes bluer" you are messing with the resistance of the potentiometer. the behavior that your screen shows is normal and there is no reason to apply pressure to the adjustment wheel.

You may have shortened out your IC and you should consider replacing that. Check your prior capacitor work and possibly reflow the ones you replaced.

Post some good pictures of both sides of the board so we can see what you see. Ajout d'images à une question existante

Here is the service manual with the schematic, it should help you out to determine where the error is. Sega Game Gear Va1 Service Manual

A great resource for the 2-ASIC and the board view with schematics is here

Block Image

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