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The HP Compaq 8200 Elite is a small form-factor workstation-class desktop PC aimed at higher-end office and design work. It has a fairly repairable design with emphasis on allowing technicians to quickly swap out drives and cards.

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CPU showing red light when start

When start the system CPU shows red light twice and them stop. What can I do now?

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@prernacoll27717 what CPU light? Are you referring to the Power LED or do you really have a light on the CPU?


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@prernacoll27717 try this first.

Power reset your desktop computer

Perform a power reset (or hard reset) of your desktop computer to clear information from the computer memory without erasing personal data.

  1. Turn off the computer.
  2. Disconnect the AC adapter.
  3. Disconnect all nonessential peripheral devices, such as printers, scanners, external hard drives, and USB flash drives.
  4. NOTE:
  5. Do not disconnect your mouse, keyboard, or monitor.
  6. With the AC adapter unplugged, press and hold the power button for approximately 15 seconds.
  7. After you drain the capacitors, reconnect the AC adapter. Leave peripheral devices disconnected.
  8. Turn on the computer. from here

Check to make sure that the power LED does not show you a white blink at all. Next download the Maintenance and Service manual for your computer from here

Page 96 tells you what those two blinks mean:

Red Power LED flashes two times, once every second, followed by a two second pause. Beeps stop after fifth iteration but LEDs continue until problem is solved

Possible cause

Thermal protection activated:
Air flow is restricted, a fan may not be functioning, or the heatsink is not properly attached

Recommended Action

1.Clean the air vents on the front, back, or
any other vented side of the computer.
2. Ensure that there is a 10.2 cm (4 in)
clearance on all vented sides of the
computer to permit the required airflow.
3. Ensure that computers are not so near
each other that they are subject to each
other's re-circulated or preheated air.
4. If the computer is within an enclosure,
ensure that there is proper intake and
exhaust ventilation for the enclosure.
5. If a message appears on the screen
indicating that a fan is not working, replace
the fan.
6. Ensure that the heat sink is properly

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This is Not work


@prernacoll27717 you checked the fan and the heatsink already? You did all of this in 5 minutes :-)


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First of all unplug all wires and then take your pc in sunshine for atleast 1 hour then reconnect all the wires and then try

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