The spinner not connected to the motor is really hard to spin

i have a similar model. it's not exactly the same, it's a Sony Microcassette-corder M-10, fully working if it wasn't for the roller that is not the puller that is super hard to move, it does spin on the opposide side to rewind, but when i try to play a cassette it just get stuck, pushed and activates the auto shut-off mechanic of the corder... what can i do to let it loose?

Update (09/07/23)

@oldturkey03 @jri_creator

long story short, the roller doesn't allow me to use the cassette recorder
you're techically correct for the motor since it does spin, but i think the belt is doing fine, if shared with the main one, the issue i think is the actual roller (the one you'll see in the clip) that is very hard to move and does quite a noise when moving

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@cristianbr40252 post a couple of pictures to show us what you are looking it. Not sure what you refer to as the puller etc. Ajout d'images à une question existante


@oldturkey03 , I think what he's referring to as the puller is the motor that helps spin the cassette.


@jri_creator yes, that is a really good possibility. It'll still help if we see more of what is going on with it.


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