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Magsafe 2 85W Charger not recognized by mid-2015 MacBook Pro

I have a 15" mid-2015 Macbook Pro that normally uses an 85W Magsafe 2 charger. The issue started when the 85W charger I have used for several years suddenly started getting very hot at the T-type connector. So hot you couldn't touch it. Pins 2 and 4 on the connector were being burned. I assumed the charger was bad so I bought a new Apple 85W Magsafe 2 charger. In notice almost immediately it too was getting hot and the same pins had just barely started to burn. I then found out that this was an indication that the Magsafe 2 DC-In Board was bad, so I bought a replacement from iFixit and installed it. I use the new Apple 85 W charger I bought and it charged the Macbook Pro two times and then quit. There was no indicator light on the T-tip nor lightening bolt on the computer charging symbol. no recognition of the charger at all. I assumed the charger was bad, so I bought another new Apple Magsafe 2 85W charger. It didn't work either. The same no T-tip light or charging symbol. I then assumed the Magsafe 2 DC-In Board I just installed was bad, but before I did anything I had a colleague that had an Apple charger and tried that. It work fine. The light came on, and the battery charged fine. The charger didn't get hot. Everything was good. The difference? My colleague's charger was a 60W charger. So the laptop is not recognizing my 85W chargers, but does work with a 60W charger. Is there a different Magsafe 2 DC-In board that only recognizes 60W chargers or can whatever detects the charger have the 85W sensor burned out, but not the 60W? Any ideas?

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So. I think this has less to do with the wattage of the chargers, and more to do with the actual connectors on the charger (and your MacBook). This sort of issue can be caused by certain pins not totally depressing, or making full contact. What happens is that the pins in the Magsafe charger are close enough to the ones on the board connector that electricity arcs across the tiny gap. That's why the pins char. And also why it gets hot. Pins 2 and 4 are always the ones that do this.

It's possible your colleague's charger happened to conform better to the pins on your MacBook.

It's also possible that some damage has occurred to the charging circuitry on the logic board. Higher power throughput could introduce this failure where a lower wattage allows for normal function.

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Good morning,

That my friend, is very odd. If i were to guess it would be that you may have bought a 13" board?????? That doesn't make sense i know but this is drawing down to the oddities.

Open up your macbook and see if any of the board components are burned. Maybe your 85W requires an extra component that your current board doesnt support.

What i want you to do is to put the old board back in and try all the chargers and record which ones burn and which ones function. What you've likely found is some kind of odd QC between all the parts you've bought, which would be extremely unlucky.

Good luck :) and i'm here if you need anything

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From what I can see looking at this guide, the Magsafe 2 input board is completely passive, it just connects the 5 Magsafe signals to the logic board. It doesn't have any brains to regulate the input power. This leads me to believe that this is a logic board issue and not an issue with the Magsafe board.

Some things that might be worth trying:

  • Make sure that the socket on the logic board that the Magsafe board connects to is clean, and no pins are damaged / bent
  • Inspect the logic board for damage / burned out components near the Magsafe port

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