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The HP Compaq 8200 Elite is a small form-factor workstation-class desktop PC aimed at higher-end office and design work. It has a fairly repairable design with emphasis on allowing technicians to quickly swap out drives and cards.

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My PC beeps and won't start

When I start my PC it's not working and beep sound is coming and not starting any solution?

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Yes beep sound coming and not starting


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Hi @einsteinl

Count the number of beeps that you hear.

There will be a pause between the series of beeps and then it will start the beeps again e.g. 4 beeps > pause > 4 beeps > pause or 2 beeps > pause > 2 beeps > pause etc.

This is a fault code and the number of beeps will tell you what's wrong.

This page of the hardware maintenance manual details beep codes 1-4, the next two pages cover beep codes 5-11.

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Try either reseating the memory modules or testing if each one is OK.

Reseating the memory means removing the memory modules and then reinserting them.

If that doesn't work, if there is more than 1 memory module installed, remove all the modules except 1 and then see if it turns on OK.

if not remove that module and try the next one - you may have a faulty memory module.

The manual I linked shows how to remove/replace the memory modules


ALWAYS turn off the PC and DISCONNECT THE POWER from the PC BEFORE removing/replacing any memory modules. Once you have finished removing or replacing a module, only then reconnect the power to the PC and turn it on.

Removing memory modules with the power still connected, even if the PC is off is a good way to cause damage to them or other components on the motherboard


I cleaned the rams and then it started


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