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The HERO6 Black was introduced on September 28, 2017.

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Device is not charging

Hi! I have problem with my Hero 6, It's not charging but It can be turned on by plugging a charger, without charger it does not

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Hello @johngilbert9992! Have you already tried another battery? If the battery is failed it might explain why it won't power on without a charger, also, what % does the battery show up as when the camera is plugged in, if any? Thanks! :>

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Hi! Yes, I tried changing the battery but nothing change, turns on only if I plug a charger even without a battery inside and its show electrical plug charging indicator i think ^^


@johngilbert9992 Ah ok no worries! Have you already tried factory resetting the GoPro? I think there might be a setting somewhere that sets it to only use mains power? Or i could be misremembering, I use GoPros a lot myself, but I use a Hero 9 not a Hero 6. Thanks!


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