Is there a way to trick the board to see a screen temp sensor?

Want to use one without the internal display, but fan goes full speed. I know I can use Macs Fan Control but it doesn't work while doing OS installs and I want to do some overnight.

I am absolutely ready to solder janky things to the logic board.

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@minezebra try to attach a 2N3904 transistor to the end of the cable. Connect one wire to the transistors E (mitter) leg and and the other cable to the B and C legs together. See if that tells your logic board that everything's a-okay. Here is the Datasheet for the transistor.


Unfortunately the cable to the temp sensor is plugged into a board that's part of the LCD, and that LCD connects to the board using its own display cable.

I found no straight connections between the sensor and the display connector pins using my multimeter.


@minezebra have you given any consideration to getting an inexpensive cable and modify that one to give it a try? You could use a transistor near the bottom of the cable where it connects to the logic board.


As I said the cable actually does not connect directly to the board, and there's no direct continuity as I tested with my meter.

Most likely the LCD has a chip that the board recognizes and then gets info from including the temperature...


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