Why Laptop is not charging and switching on?


My laptop is of Lenovo's Ideapad E41-15, since I got this laptop the recurring issue with this laptop was with it's keyboard and to make it switching on. I never had any spill on my keyboard, it was from shiny new days when it was typing itself or keys were pressed on its own and it was random keys from the keyboard. After unplugging the keyboard, the problem would be stopped and sometimes it would work fine when plugged it in after long time but as years went by the keyboard started smashing the "Power On" key and the laptop would switch off on its own, I solved that issue just by never plugging the keyboard ever again and just used external hid USB keyboard and Mouse from Logitech, only issue was How to power it on without original keyboard, which contained ON switch key on it. I used bios button or pin button to switch on the laptop. Years I have used it that way, but real matter is that and want help from Y'all is that the external keyboard is also started acting fishy how original keyboard was doing, I tested the Logitech keyboard by connecting it to my android mobile and it was working fine and typing automatically when connecting it to the Laptop, and then one day when I had plugged in charger and had kept it for a while On standby, after Coming to check on my laptop it wasn't charging and my laptop was automatically shut down but when tried to switch it on through bios switch it never SWITCHED ON AND ITS NOT EVEN CHARGING PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP. I WANT TO FIX IT MYSELF.

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