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The next generation, XV60 series Lexus ES was revealed on 4 April 2012 at the New York International Auto Show. For its sixth generation, the model was introduced in gasoline-powered ES 350 and gasoline-electric hybrid ES 300h versions.

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Change car radio frequency USA to GCC

in the GCC region, cars imported from America have a problem and that they do not receive the radio frequencies of this region, how can I solve this problem? Can it be solved by hardware or software?

for lexus and toyota all models 2015 to above

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@sgrm what problem and which frequencies can't be received?


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I am guessing that you are refering to the FM radio band.

The International FM Band is 88 to 108 MHz.

Japan's is 76 to 90 MHz.

Here is the complete list. World Wide AM and FM radio frequencies by country. You can also listen from this site.

This is important. You will need to find out what the band range is in your area so that you purchase the right converter.

Look around on the web for frequency converters for FM signals.

They are quite cheap and apparently easy to install. Here is an video to help you get the concept:

FM band expander.

More information and examples

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guys , The module inside the multimedia system of the American car system is different from the GCC, and when you search for the frequency, in American cars, the frequency increases or decreases in pairs, not individually.

USA : 96.80MHz '98.80MHz '100.80MHz

GCC : 96.80MHz '97.80MHz '98.80MHz


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