SNES won’t power on

I’ve changed the Pico fuse, the power supply and barrel jack work, and so does the switch… I turn it on and I get no light… any ideas?

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@aaronjosep48927 Do you have a multimeter?


@andrewsawesome ya I checked pretty much everything


@aaronjosep48927 Did you check to make sure that the voltage regulator is working properly?


@andrewsawesome I actually did not where is that located and how do I check it?


@aaronjosep48927 Turn your multimeter to the 20 VDC range (if you need help with this, upload a picture [ Ajout d'images à une question existante ] of your multimeter and reply to this comment). Plug your power brick into the wall, then into your SNES. Find a component labeled "U12" or "IC12" on the motherboard. Touch the black probe to the middle pin and touch the red probe to either side. You should have about 10-18 volts on one side and 5 volts on the other. Let me know what voltages you get.


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