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Repair and device guides for the 2016 Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone, model SM-J510FN.

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My phone camera wont take photos?

Hello....ive been using this phone for quite a long time now but tje problem is that if i take photos from the camera it wont be showing in the gallery....itll be saved in storage but it wont open n says its error or corrupted....i tried factory resetting the phone and updating the gallery but it didnt work either....if i use an another app like snapchat it would save the photos n videos but not from the original camera...please help

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It sounds like the camera app itself is the problem. If you factory reset the phone and it's still a problem, it may be the "default" camera app download is corrupted somehow. If your camera app is fully updated, you could try to repair the install. If that doesn't work, you could also make a different camera app the 'default' to take pictures with. If the gallery shows photos taken with other apps, and image downloads display correctly, then it's not a problem with the gallery or the physical camera.

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