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The HP Compaq 8200 Elite is a small form-factor workstation-class desktop PC aimed at higher-end office and design work. It has a fairly repairable design with emphasis on allowing technicians to quickly swap out drives and cards.

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My cpu fan speed very high and not displaying the monitor

My cpu fan speed is very high and not displaying the display

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Ii did that but the fan with water then i got the same error on my hp compac elite 8200 sff pc


5 months later, I don't know what you are trying to communicate.

If my previous answer worked, it would be proper to score it.


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when was the last time your blew the dust out of it?

It is very possibly overheating the CPU and shutting down.

I would assume it runs OK for a short time.

Open it up and look at the CPU cooler and fan. Use compressed air to blow it out (preferably outside).

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