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The tenth generation Corolla (E140/E150) was released in Japan in October 2006. A narrow variant was available in Japan while wider versions were sold internationally.

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How to change wiring harness for horn on 2010 corolla

Just got a 2010 Toyota Corolla and the horn doesn't work because someone unhooked the wiring harness. There's just a wire hanging .

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Hi Crystal,

The wiring for the horn is fairly straight-forward according to the wiring diagram I located.

2009-2010 Toyota Corolla Electrical Wiring Diagrams

Block Image

According to this, there'll be a light green (LG) wire coming from the ECU to the horn relay on pin 7. Pin 8 of the horn relay connector will have a black wire that goes directly to the horn. That should be the only wire to the horn; the ground is provided by being screwed to the metal chassis.

If you have a test light you should be able to tell if you've got the right wire by connecting the test light to the wire you found and ground the other end. Honk the horn and the light should come on. Same test can be done with a volt meter; you should see around 12V on that wire when you press the horn button.

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