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How to replace temperature gauge in Epson Projector or potential fixes

Hi everyone,

We bought an Epson Home Cinema 1080 3LCD projector that keeps turning off because it constantly says it’s overheating, even when it’s cool to the touch. We cannot take it to Epson for warranty, and I’d like to fix it myself. I can’t find the parts online, so if there’s any other temporary fix I can do I’m also open to suggestions. So far people have said “just buy a new one” but I don’t have another $800 to dish out at the moments. Thanks!

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I can't find any service info for this so you are on your own. If you can identify the part and verify that it is bad, you will have to make some guesses as to what the characteristics of the part is. You might find some thing on AliExpress. They tend to be cheap, so you can order a variety. Good luck.

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