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won't power on

won't power on yellow light on power/standby, both lamp light red, temp is red and filter is yellow.

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@nick you know a lot about these projectors. What's your take on this?


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@johnumina you got a lot going on here with the projector. Since all those lights seem to come on immediately, it appears as if you are having more of a firmware issue than the actual parts (both lamps, air filter and overheating) Of course, it is possible that it is those pats, just unusual. Also, the LEDs should be blinking and not be solid on, if they were to indicate a failure.

There is a way to connect a computer to the projector to access the error log, but not sure if it will work if this is a firmware (EEPROM) issue. Use the SM Panasonic PT DW640 to work on our projector, one step at a time. Check on here as well as on here to see if a firmware update is available and how to update.

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