How hard is it to change plugs?

How hard is it to change plugs? Is there a lot of stuff to move to take off the valve cover?

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ron, this is what I found :"

Tools: Socket Wrench, 5/8 deep socket (16mm), 5/16 socket (8mm), 3 to 4 inch socket extension, needle nose pliers (used to pull out spark plugs)

Step 1: Clean off engine area to free it from any loose dirt that could fall into the plug holes.

Step 2: Using the 5/16 socket remove the screws holding the spark plug boot in place. Also remove the wires that are connected to the boot.

Step 3: Remove the boot by making a twisting motion. Do not rock the boot side to side.

Step 4: Using the 5/8 deep socket and extension loosen the spark plug. Be sure to turn counter-clockwise and do your best to keep the socket steady. At first, use gentle pressure when unscrewing to ensure you don't crack or break the plug (I hear this is bad ).

Step 5: Use the needle nose pliers to grab hold of the spark plug and remove from the hole.

Step 6: Use Anti-Seize on the threads and dielectric grease on the boot so you secure the spark plug nicely. Make a scraping motion across the threads as you gently squeeze the Anti-Seize on the threads." Some great information on here

Block Image

and here as well. The only thing I am not sure of is why you would want to replace the valve cover. Hope this helps, good luck.

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