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Repair information, service guides, and replacement parts for Jabra headphones.

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I tried to clean my headphones with a needle and damaged the sound

I tried to clean my headphones with a needle and damaged the sound , The headset turns on and connects to the phone, but there is no sound, only the right headset was damaged

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depending on exactly what you damaged and the make and model you may be able to fix it, there are numerus tutorials on ifixit and youtube on how to repair headphones.


@nataliebissaker how did you damage it? Where did tou stick this needle? Does the other side still work or nothing at all? Have you disassembled your headphones? What make and model are they? Did they work before this happened


There is a small hole near the silicone on the internet it says to clean it with a sewing needle if the sound is too weak, I must have hit something and the sound doesn't work at all but the headset does work, the other headset works smoothly. The model, jabra elite 75t


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@nataliebissaker there is always the possibility that you may have damaged the circuit board with the needle. I suggest that you first try to reset your earphones. Use something like this video to do so. After that the only way to figure out what happened to your earphone is by tearing it apart. The problem here is that there are not guides out there. Just like most of the other earphone, it looks like you will need a vise to slightly deform the back part of those earphone. The use a plastic opening tool to try and crack the case open. Once open, determine that where the damage occurred and let us know what you find.

Here is a document that shows you what the parts and layout look like Jabra Elite 75t To read a bit more about the Jabra earphones, check this great article The Most Repairable Wireless Earbuds

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