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PC laptop by Dell with a 15.4" display. Succeeded the Inspiron 1520.

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How do I restore my Dell inspiron?

How do I restore my Dell inspiron 1525 back to factory

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Could someone help le i resently bought a dell laptop didnt realize their was a user password was able to get. And change the password for hdd and the supervisor any suggestions


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2 solutions

souldeath1 "If you want to restore your system back to the way it was shipped, when the system boots, immediately press the ctrl and F11 keys at the same time and you will enter the Dell Recovery Restore Utility.

You should have backed up any files that you may need after the restore completes because all the data on the system will be lost.

After you enter the Dell Recovery Restore Utility, just follow the instructions and the restore should complete in approximately 8-15 minutes, depending on how much data is to be restored.

When the restore is complete and the system reboots, you will need to enter all the user information as you did when you originally started the system.

When back to the desktop, you can then install any programs you may have used after you got your system and copy any files that you backed up. " from here. You can get the owners manual from here.Hope this helps, good luck.

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You can achieve that by saving your Data in USB or External H.D.D depending on your data. Then Boot Your computer with External USB or an Optical Disk. Format your H.D.D.

Install Windows along with drivers which comes with laptop and Buy a new battery and a charger and its factory reset.

Good Luck

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