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Informations sur le démontage et la réparation du smartphone Android phare de Samsung, le S20, sorti en mars 2020.

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Phone responsive but black screen: Broken motherboard or display?


I come here to ask for some advice on my water damaged galaxy s20.

Back Story:

I was changing the battery on my phone and as was suggested in the iFixit guide, I applied alcohol to the battery area to loosen the adhesive. Unfortunately, I didn't read the label and ended up putting alcohol that only had about 40% alcohol. This caused me to unknowingly damage the phone.

Once I finished the install I turned the phone on and initially, everything worked fine. I went to turn on the camera and I was told camera failure and was sent back to the home screen. After half a minute or so the screen went black. I tried for a little longer to hard reset the phone until I decided to quickly take apart the phone again, unplug the battery and look for the problem.

After taking the phone fully apart I discovered some liquid in the sd card area. I dried it as much as I could and put everything into a bag with desiccant overnight. This morning I reassembled it and tried to turn it on but still the same problem. I then took the phone even further apart and found that the humidity indicator near the bottom of the phone also was pink (though I never saw liquid there myself). I also cleaned all the electronics with contact spray (made for electronics) and scrubbed with a toothbrush.


Phone turns on, vibrates, makes noise, charges, takes touch input BUT fully black screen.

I don't know wether my motherboard or display is broken (or both!)?

Replacing the motherboard is not hard and not nearly as expensive as replacing the display but I also don't want to get a replacement motherboard only for the display to remain black...

Block Image

Block Image

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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@christianf10507 check the display connector for any corrosion or bend pins as well as the components around it. Your issues sound pretty much like they are centered around the LCD.

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First of all, thanks for the answer!

I looked at the connector and could not find any bent pins. They seem to be aligned properly. Some pins look 'different' but I can't imagine that causing an issue. Unfortunately, I can't take a proper photo because my phone is dead :( Plus, considering that the display did work for some time, I can't imagine it being a problem with the connector, as that doesn't change with time.

As for corrosion, I cannot find any. I guess that makes sense because the phone was exposed to water for an hour or so at most.

At the moment I am considering buying a used s20 and then taking the mainboard from that to verify if the display is the issue or not. I can then repair my broken phone and re-sell or give it to a family member etc. Regarding that I have one quick question, the used one I am looking at is a s20 5G while the one I have is s20 4G. Do you think I will be able to put the motherboard from the 5G into the 4G to test the phone/display? I only need it to be able to turn on.


There shouldn't be any issues using the S20 5G motherboard in an S20 4G, they are pretty much the same thing just one has 5G capabilities and one doesn't.


Ok, that's good news. I think I'll just go the used phone route then.


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Since you put alcohol under the battery you might have gotten it in the display and damaged it in the process, it can also be a display connector issue, try cleaning it with 99% Isopropyl alcohol. If you can't get any sign of life you might have a broken screen, displays failing after being in contact with water is pretty common. You can get a new display at Samsung Galaxy S20 5G (USA) Screen and Battery - Genuine.

Image Samsung Galaxy S20 5G (USA) Screen and Battery - Genuine


Samsung Galaxy S20 5G (USA) Screen and Battery - Genuine


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Thanks for the answer!

Yeah I think I just have to accept I made a mistake and take it on the chin. I'll probably just buy a used s20 as a genuine screen costs pretty much the same amount in my area.


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