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Model M5343 / 333 or 400 MHz G3 processor

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What AirPort cards work with a Mac PowerBook 400 MHz G3?

The About This Computer indicates an AirPort Card with 802.11. Nothing about a/b/g/n. The AirPort Security is WPA Personal. I don't know much about AirPort Cards or Airport Security, but I wonder if I need a different card to access the internet with a non-Apple Hotspot which is 802.11 b/g/n?

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There's no Airport slot on the Lombard. You have to go to the Pismo for that. But you can use a3rd party PCIMCI card. Although discontinued in 2008, try searching for a DWL-G650M SUPER G WITH MIMO WIRELESS NOTEBOOK ADAPTER or other similar type cards. Then see if you can find a driver for it before buying.

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I used to have on my Wallstreet G3, long time ago, the IOXExpert driver pack with a generic PCMCIA card.

You could give a check here:

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