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Repair guides, troubleshooting information, and service help for refrigerators manufactured by General Electric (GE).

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GE Adora Door Won't Close

Our freezer door won't close tight all of a sudden. It's a GE Adora. Any suggestions???

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Hi @ashleywadsworth,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

Have you checked that the door seal is OK and not twisted, loose etc preventing the door from closing properly? Check all around the door frame.

Also check that the door is straight and parallel to the cabinet in case it is a hinge alignment problem so the door doesn't close correctly.

Not sure which model Adora you're referring to as some are the side by side type and others are what is known as "French door" type, so check that the drawers inside the freezer compartment are not preventing the door from closing properly by being too far forwad.

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